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Based on real research and a hard science-fiction adventure, this game under development enables you to participate in the search for extra-terrestrial life on Enceladus in the Saturnian planetary system... and beyond.

You can find teaser and sneak peek videos on our YouTube channel and the related science-fiction novels and audiobook on amazon. Please follow us on Instagram and Twitter @thekaiyomission.

Ever since mankind realised that we are not the centre of the universe, people have sought to find out whether we are alone. We have sent signals, listened out for signals, sent probes, and observed, not just what we can see in the distance, but also what we cannot see with our eyes in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum… 

This is the story of a courageous mission to find extra-terrestrial life in our own solar system, the experiences of amazing people from all over the world, working together as one, to push the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding, while bringing out the best human qualities we have within us.


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The Kaiyo Mission v0.6.02 (for Alpha-testing) 1 GB
The Kaiyo Mission v0.6.01 (for Alpha-testing) 979 MB
The Kaiyo Mission v0.6.00 (for Alpha-testing) 989 MB

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Dear Alpha-testers, thank you for being part of our project! If you have already played our game (an earlier version) please delete your old profile before testing the latest version from itchIO. 

Many thanks for your kind help in Alpha-testing our game!!!

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We are looking for volunteers for Alpha-testing from 5 December 2022

If you are interested to participate as a tester, please do contact us @thekaiyomission on Twitter or Instagram.